What is Euleria Home?

It is a medical device that offers a personalized exercise program to patients with orthopedic, neurological and traumatic conditions.

Euleria Home, patients rehabilitation programs even remotely. Thanks to the mobile app, the patient can be guided and exercise results are easily reported. TeleRehab technology allows the specialist to communicate with the patient via video.

What does Euleria Home do?

It allows the specialist to remotely reach and monitor his/her patient. The system consists of a wearable sensor and a tablet with an expert-created exercise/therapy program.

You can also make video calls between specialist and patient, record videos and use the built-in chat feature.

How does Euleria Home work?

Once the sensor is placed on the body-worn patch, the patient starts the app from the tablet. It starts doing the exercises following the video guide shown on the screen.

At the same time, real-time audiovisual biofeedback of the movement measured by the sensor helps them to realize how well the exercise is being performed according to the set goal.

Euleria Home box contents

  • Web management for experts

  • Tablet with dedicated app
  • Sensor and elastic band kit

Can be used together with these