MVN Awinda Starter


It is the ideal entry-level wireless motion capture hardware.

Product Details

What is MVN Awinda Starter?

It is an entry-level motion capture hardware. It can be moved and used anywhere without the need for a studio.

What does MVN Awinda Starter do?

Movella applies motion data from Movella hardware to a digital character. It works in full compatibility with applications such as Unity 3D, Unreal Engine Maya, MotionBuilder, iClone, Houdini.

How does MVN Awinda Starter work?

The 17 sensors placed on the body are calibrated with MVN software. It has a range of 25 meters. It can then be watched live or recorded, depending on the intended use.

Technical Information



Update Frequency

60 Hz


~25 m

Full Charge Run Time

6 hours

Communication Protocol

Radio protocol (Awinda protocol)


17 (+1) wireless sensors, T-shirts and body bands

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