MVN Animate


It allows you to track and edit motion data live or from a recording.

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What is MVN Animate?

Thanks to its advanced sensors, Movella is a software that presents motion data from Movella hardware for use in character animations without the need for editing.

What does MVN Animate do?

Movella applies motion data from Movella hardware to a digital character. It works in full compatibility with applications such as Unity 3D, Unreal Engine Maya, MotionBuilder, iClone, Houdini.

How does MVN Animate work?

Sensors attached to certain parts of the body are calibrated via software.

Up to 158 megabytes of data can be transferred per minute. Exports digital character movements in formats such as ASCII (HTML), C3D, BVH, MVNX, FBX, AVI and M4V.

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