5 June 2023




Categories: Technical


One Click Integration

OptiTrack Metagloves has been specifically developed to work with Motive 3.0, the motion capture software used by gaming and animation professionals worldwide. Take your projects to the next level by enhancing the OptiTrack system with the MANUS finger gesture capture system.

All-New Quantum Tracking Technology

With OptiTrack Metagloves, you can improve your finger movement capture data with minimal effort by connecting directly to Motive 3.0 with the Quantum algorithm.

Quantum sensors precisely measure movement to accurately reproduce the skeleton of the hand in a digital environment. Sensors that are resistant to magnetic fields are not affected by the external environment and help you get the most accurate data.

Choose Size According to Your Needs

1. Adhesive Finger Tapes

    Finger bands are held on by the adhesive surface of the fingertips. This allows the Quantum sensors to remain fixed on the finger for long recordings.

    2. Finger Socks

    Finger socks are worn over the fingertips. Quantum sensors are attached to the top mounting clips.

    Get Seamless Recording

    Quantum Metagloves come with replaceable Li-Ion batteries to ensure an uninterrupted workflow. It can be used continuously for 3 hours on a full charge. The gloves can also be powered by an external power supply via the USB Type-C port.

    6 batteries at the same time, fully charged in 2 hours. The charging station is also compatible with Prime X and Pro Tracker batteries. This way you can charge the Metaglove and SteamVR Pro Tracker batteries at the same time.