What is Euleria Lab?

It is an interactive wearable technology product used in the physical rehabilitation of patients with orthopedic, neurological and traumatic disorders. It also provides solutions against the risk of injury.

What does Euleria Lab do?

It helps to find solutions to spine and sports injuries, balance, shoulder traumas, developmental age problems by providing concrete data.

Audio-visual biofeedback technology motivates users by gamifying feedback.

How does Euleria Lab work?

After the bands and sensors are placed on the relevant parts of the body in the presence of an expert, the application is calibrated.

Euleria Lab has a library of more than 350 exercises. Experts can also create their own library. At the same time, all movements of the patient throughout the process are recorded and a recovery report is provided.

Exergame mode motivates the patient and increases adherence along the rehabilitation pathway.

Euleria Lab box contents

  • Laptop computer

  • Footrest with sensor

  • Inertia sensor set

Can be used together with these