What is PrimeX 22?

It is an optical-based motion capture camera with a resolution of 2.2 MP and sensitivity up to 0.15 mm, and it can capture up to 500+ frames per second. With passive markers, the field of view is up to 21 meters, and with active markers, it is up to 30 meters.

What does PrimeX 22 do?


For professional studios, it provides high-precision recording. It can record one or more people’s movements simultaneously.

Health & Sport

It integrates measurement accuracy with simple flow, giving researchers and biomechanists the perfect 3D data for their research.

How does PrimeX 22 work?

OptiTrack cameras work with OptiTrack’s Motive software to provide the most sensitive data in the industry.

Technicial Specifications

Vision Sensor

2048×1088 resolution
360Hz frame rate
2.8ms delay


+/- 0.15mm 3D accuracy
21 meters passive marker range
30 meters active marker range


PoE or PoE+


0.25ms speed
0.01 ms minimum speed
2.5ms max speed at 360 FPS

Lens and Filter

6.5mm F#1.6
79° horizontal FOV
47° vertical FOV

Image Processing


Dimensions and Weight

4.96 inches (12.6 cm)
4.96 inches (12.6 cm)
4.96 inches(12.6cm)
2.77 pounds (1.26 kg)


Aluminum and polycarbonate

Suitable for use with these