What is MC2?

The MC2 is a cutting-edge, multipurpose instrument that the therapist ought to employ. The MC2 Therapy doesn’t hurt.

It is a trimodal therapeutic tool that combines microcurrent, radio frequency, and ultrasound.

What is MC2?

Osteoarticular, muscle-tendon, postural, irritable, and lymphatic system disorders are among the conditions it is used to treat.

Depending on the tissues being treated, the MC2 can be combined with the most popular rehabilitation techniques or manual therapies. It significantly lessens pain and shortens the healing process.

Technicial Specifications

General Features

Dimensions: 450x310x140 mm
Weight: 4,5 kg

Micro Currents

Maximum output current – PP (mA): 750
Maximum output current – RMS (mA): 5
Output frequency (Hz): 1-500
Emission type: Pulsed


Maximum power output – RMS: 1.2
Emission type: 30-70 | Continuous/pulsed

Radio Frequency

Maximum output current (mA): 1700
Output frequency (KHz): 300-500
Emission type: Continuous/pulsed