What is dVinci One Plus?

It is a Tecar therapy device that works naturally and non-invasively on deep biological tissues to enable the activation of natural healing, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic processes.

dVinci Two Plus, which has two channels instead of dVinci One Plus’ single channel, can treat two regions or two patients simultaneously.

What does dVinci One Plus do?

dVinci One Plus is suitable for physiotherapy, sports medicine, traumatology, rehabilitation, and pre- and post-surgery orthopedics.

It supports osteogenesis processes by accelerating the reconstruction times of bone fractures, facilitating the course of inflammatory processes in the osteoarticular apparatus, and stimulating regenerative processes. It rebalances ion exchanges and accelerates metabolic processes.

Local treatments can be applied in both chronic and acute phases, showing a rapid effect on pain, and can be performed in the presence of metal prostheses.

Technicial Specifications

Output Frequency

0,8 – 1 – 1,2 ± %20 Mhz

Maximum Output Power

150 W

Maximum Power Consumption

400 W

Dimensions and Weight

350x350x240mm ~7kg

Warranty Period

4 Years

Warranty Period

Touch screen + keyboard with encoder