What is dVina Two Plus?

It is a piece of aesthetic equipment that provides personalized, programmed, and adjustable high-frequency current to optimize treatment time for quick and long-lasting effects.

What does dVina Two Plus do?

It treats cellulite, water retention, acne, different blemishes, and stretch marks by providing cellular renewal.

  • It tightens the muscles of the face and regenerates skin tissues. It produces observable results after only one session.

  • It provides quick cell regeneration and toning for non-surgical rejuvenation.

  • It reduces skin relaxation, tightens and reshapes the breast and produces apparent effects right away.

  • It restores the tone of the deep tissues as well as the surface layers of the epidermis, initiating a bioregeneration process.

  • It tightens and reshapes the hip with a non-invasive treatment that involves muscle building.

  • It interferes with the circulatory disorder that is the primary cause of cellulite, restoring normal functions.

Technicial Specifications

Output Frequency

0,8 – 1 – 1,2 ± %20 Mhz

Maximum Output Power

50 W

Maximum Power Consumption

400 W

Dimensions and Weight

350x350x240mm ~7kg

Warranty Period

4 Years

Warranty Period

Touch screen + keyboard with encoder