28 June 2024




Categories: Case Study


We got into action to share the potential of motion capture technologies. To show the creative power of high-tech hardware and software, one of our first contents to share is the “Koray Birand X Damat Tween” campaign. This campaign displays the creative potential of motion capture technology in the realms of advertisement, in the hands of Koray Birand.

Damat Tween and Koray Birand Collaboration

Using motion capture technologies, Koray Birand created a unique advertising campaign for the brand Damat Tween. This campaign presents the viewer with an unforgettable visual experience while reinforcing the brand’s innovative and modern image. Using Movella Xsens MVN Link and MVN Animate, Birand created realistic character models and set them in motion in the virtual world.

Realistic Character Models

In the virtual world of the advertisement, Movella motion-capturing hardware and software were used to create realistic character models, transferring body movements directly to the characters. Thus, the characters offered the viewers a realistic experience with realistic movements.

High Sensitivity: Movella enabled the characters to look natural by capturing and transferring even the vaguest movements precisely.

Real-Time Tracking (Previz): During the shootings, real-time tracking made instant corrections possible.

Technology Usage and Process

After the shootings of the advertisement campaign were finished, Koray Birand and his team recorded the virtual world scenes in their office in a short time. Movella’s ability to capture motion without the need for a camera setup granted a big convenience and flexibility.

Easy Setup: Opportunity to get off to a running start without the complicated camera setups and long preparation phases.

Mobility: The ability to capture motion anywhere desired sped up the shooting process significantly.

The visuals and video created during the campaign truly demonstrate the potential motion capture technologies hold.