25 July 2023




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Movella MVN Analyze Performance Analysis

Dr. Moorhead, in his research at Politecnico di Milano, Movella Health & Sports | Xsens focused on improving the performance of young tennis athletes using #MVNAnalyze. His research was a great success thanks to MVN Analyze, which provides detailed insights.

Movella MVN Analyze and rOBR Feature

Movella’s precision motion capture suits eliminate the need for frequent recalibration by keeping the sensors stationary without restricting athletes’ movements. The comfort of the clothes and the processing of the data MVN Analyze software’s instant information flow was also among Dr. Moorhead’s reasons for choosing it.

The rOBR feature played an important role in Dr. Moorhead’s research. With this feature, it records all body movement data with body sensors and then transfers it to a computer for analysis. It made it possible to analyze multiple athletes at the same time, and the subsequent downloading and analysis of the data increased the speed and efficiency of the research.

Performance Evaluation and Injury Prevention

Dr. Moorhead, Movella MVN Analyzeto assess the performance of tennis players and examine injury risk. He especially focused on serving technique. Movella data provided valuable information for analyzing the accuracy of athletes’ movements. Dr. Moorhead tried to determine the most effective serving techniques by examining the relationship between factors such as serve speed, accuracy and range of motion. This information helped to provide valuable recommendations for tennis players to improve their performance and reduce the risk of injury.

In this study, Dr. Moorhead examined the mechanics of the shuttle motion for performance evaluation. The muscle groups that are activated during the serve are similar to the overhead squat (squat with barbell overhead). Joint angle values of the athletes during overhead squats performed with an empty barbell in Movella suit were used for flexibility and strength assessment.

The analysis of Movella data led the athletes to serve more powerfully with different movement patterns. This information has also allowed for targeted injury prevention strategies such as strengthening the rotator cuff or upper leg muscles.

Movella MVN Analyze has emerged as a powerful tool to improve the performance of young athletes and reduce the risk of injury. Dr. Moorhead’s research demonstrated how effective Movella‘s precision motion capture sensors and MVN Analyze software are in providing detailed analysis and recommendations. Future research will provide more information to improve athletes’ performance and prevent injuries.